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LeicsFireRescue One could be one too many. You can't calculate your alcohol limit. Everyone is different #RoadSafetyWeek http://t.co/Jlj9zBPr2J
LeicsFireRescue Cut your risk of death by almost 40% and wear a helmet. They're there for a reason #RoadSafetyWeek @Brakecharity http://t.co/RVHWNLD6kG
LeicsFireRescue RT @8en_8ee: Keep your moped secure 🔒Prevent 💔 and 🔥 risk http://t.co/jaP1RwQzdw @BlabyDC @leicspolice Use D locks and chains
LeicsFireRescue RT @CCLeicsPolice: “.@leicspolice: Take extra care of your moped or motorbike http://t.co/T6wC9sCX3g work with colleagues from @LeicsFireR
LeicsFireRescue Position candles away from curtains and keep them out of draughts to enjoy your candle safely #CandleFireSafety http://t.co/WxAAoJFfO6
LeicsFireRescue Put candles in a secure holder, so bother the candle and holder don't fall over as the wax melts #CandleFireSafety http://t.co/TZw0j2QtT6
LeicsFireRescue RT @LFRSPTTeam: Good luck to LFRS Prince's Trust Team at the Children and Young People Now Awards tonight (Partnership Award) #CYPnowAwards
LeicsFireRescue Make sure little ones are safe on the roads this winter in cars and walking by roads #RoadSafetyWeek @Brakecharity http://t.co/BVX8WKQ7Br

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