2014 07 July


Dave Webb, Chief Fire and Rescue Officer

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LeicsFireRescue Don’t drink too much if you’re in charge of a BBQ, you won't be popular if your drinking causes a fire #SummerSafety http://t.co/3x0NL66R01
LeicsFireRescue RT @LFRSABrodie: Excellent meeting with @clive_loader @AccOLeicsPolice re joint working. More here about projects in the near future. Ideas…
LeicsFireRescue Today's #WaybackWednesday shows how @LFRSFireControl looked in 1995 after a state of the art upgrade #retro http://t.co/o2Qha60bgZ
LeicsFireRescue RT @HinckleyFire_38: S38P1 great visit to GreenTowers - smiles all round #thebase2be http://t.co/J3TOtyGu8l
LeicsFireRescue Never throw cigarette ends out of a car window – they could start a fire, especially in the summer #FireKills #SummerSafety
LeicsFireRescue RT @LFRSEastern: 14:13 22/7/2014 Melton Road, Leicester. GW released severed fingers trapped under THIS. http://t.co/O9d7MyusHU
LeicsFireRescue RT @LFRSFireControl: Birstall crews are extinguishing unattended controlled burning in Sileby. Don't leave bonfires unattended. #Think
LeicsFireRescue RT @LFRSEastern: Be safe at the waters edge no matter how inviting it looks! GW water rescue training. http://t.co/QZIta4dslK