Rudolph has become a popular figure in the local communities in Leicester since he made his first appearance in 1949 and, he has gone on to help raise more than £300,000 over the years for a number of charities (with the help of volunteers and firefighters). During his time he has had a few make overs to keep him going and now, he is looking better than he ever has.


Last year, they managed to raise a huge amount of money which was shared amongst:

  • Adapt
  • Friends of Skelton (Sycamore) Court
  • Leicester Children’s Holiday Centre
  • Leicestershire Down’s Syndrome Group
  • Vista
  • Charity Link When you wish upon a Star

All the charities were very grateful for the money they received and are now able to put this into helping out the people who need it. Rudolph will be hitting the streets again in the coming weeks, hoping to raise more money for charity. See below for the dates, times and route schedule.

To download the poster please use the link below:

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2 days ago
It’s not unusual for us to rescue animals, but to transport three of them to the vets definitely is. These three handsome guys got a lift in S30P1 after their owner became poorly. #notjustfires #gotheextramile @LFRSFireControl LFRSRudolph photo
2 days ago
Any concerns from tonight’s programme on TV please come and speak to us; visit your local Fire Station.

The Fire Service did not fail, the cladding failed. Procedures and training have never been better for high rise incidents #saferpeople #saferplaces #dispatches #grenfell
LFRSRudolph photo
4 weeks ago
Thank you @LFRSSouthern and @LFRS_Central Green Watch for letting me take part in your training session this morning. I was in good hands @LFRSFireControl ! LFRSRudolph photo
4 weeks ago
@Leic_hospital just delivered 8x TV'S and D.A.B radios TO WARD 36 at the LRI. This was mad possible by the generous donations you make. @LFRSWigston_ @LeicsFireRescue #community LFRSRudolph photo
1 month ago
We are recruiting ON CALL Firefighters!!
See what it’s all about here @ you can also message us for more information 📟 🎶 🚒 #Firefighter #oncall #RDS #LifeOfAnOnCallFirefighter
LFRSRudolph photo

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