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  • Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 1IL


  • 2 Pumping Appliances (1 Wholetime crewed,1 part time On-Call crewed)


Hinckley and Bosworth


The current fire and rescue station sits on a site which first occupied a fire and rescue station in 1939. Since this time, the station was demolished and rebuilt in 1978, opening again in 1981 and more recently has undergone a total refurbishment in 2014. This most recent refurbishment was carried out by Kier Construction at a cost of £2.5million and provides a state-of-the-art facility which boasts new firefighters accommodation, a training house with smoke simulation, a new appliance room with space for three fire engines, public parking with disabled spaces, renovated training yard and a new reception area at the front of the fire and rescue station. The station attends a wide variety of incidents due to the nature of the split between rural and urban areas, as well as the network of major trunk roads that are in the district. The station has an active focus on community safety with regular attendance at local community events, as well as promoting good fire safety practice via Home Fire Safety Checks.

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5 months ago
All afternoon both of Hinckley’s pumps along with @LFRSBosworth pump have been at an incident on Victoria Street/John Street.
6 BA wearers committed to the building in total.
Everyone evacuated the building and the fire was restricted to one area which was heavily damaged. https://t.co/17yGlzEIrU
LFRSHinckley photo

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Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Hinckley Station
Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Hinckley Station added 2 new photos.2 days ago
After watching the wedding.... yes I was forced to, we did some Breathing apparatus training, simulating a basement exercise, all crew members had masks on so they couldn't see, just like in real smoke, very hard work but a 70kg Dummy and a baby dummy were both rescued.

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